Efteling afscheid van de Bob

After 35 years, the legendary “Bob” has come to an end. 

The bobsleigh track in Efteling has since been replaced by a new attraction: Max & Moritz. Of course, Efteling could not just let that pass by. That is why De Efteling wanted to say goodbye to an iconic attraction with many memories in an inspiring way. The idea for the Bob e-mail campaign in this form (time travel + giveaway) was proactively presented to the CRM team of De Efteling. In collaboration with their marketing colleagues, Efteling ensured that the giveaway was rolled out not only via email, but also on the Efteling website and via various social channels (owned and paid). From beginning till the end I was collaborating with Efteling to achieve this mail visually as well as the motion part.

In addition to campaign results we also won the Selligent ‘People’s Choice Award’ with this campaign.